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TEABAG donations
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100% of all donations received by TEABAG go to the Charity. We do not deduct any administration charges for our involvement. We want to see the full benefit of your generosity.

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Sponsor a school pupil

TEABAG primary aim is to get as many children from the three villages into school and to do this we ask for £15. This amount covers the cost of a school uniform, books and stationery needed by the children each year. TEABAG pride itself in that we keep the contact between the sponsor and the child, this is done by sending sponsors annual photographs and updates about their sponsored child.

Sponsor a college student

2009 will see the first intake of students into the TEABAG vocational Skills College. At present, we do not really know the total costs of this project, so we can only guess at how much each student's fees will be for each year. Taking into account the fees that other colleges of a similar kind charge, we have calculated that it will cost in the region of £150 per student per year.

If you feel you can sponsor a pupil at school or a student at the college, please contact us.

Specific Cause

If you prefer to donate money to a specific cause, you can contribute to the following appeals:


Samuel is the son of one of the teachers in Mankoadze. He was born blind and clearly needs to be examined by an eye specialist. The pay of a schoolteacher in a village school in Ghana is around £40 per month and his parents have another child to provide for. TEABAG would like to raise the £350 that it would cost to take Samuel to the capital to be professionally examined. If you feel you could help towards this target, please mark your donations: Samuel Affoah.

Mini Bus

Our next major funding raising drive is to buy a mini-bus for the use of the Vocational College. The college has been built in Mankoadze, the village at the centre of TEABAG's operations. We also sponsor children in two nearby villages, Abrekum and Onaydze. It is about 7 kilometres between Mankoadze and Onayde and double that distance between Abrekum and Mankoadze.

We wish that all of the children, from the three villages could benefit from the wonderful computer equipment and other facilities in the college but we do need to be able to transport the children. There is no bus service available and so having our own mini-bus seems to be the best option.

Mini-buses in Ghana tend to be rough homemade conversion of old vans. TEABAG would prefer to have a decent vehicle that would last many years without major maintenance costs or problems. Having looked around, we think it best to import a decent mini-bus from Holland or Belgium (it has to be left-hand-drive).

Our aim is to raise £10,000 for this appeal. It is a major fund raising project for a small charity but we are sure that we can achieve our aim eventually. If you would like to make a donation, please indicate that it is to be used for the Mini-Bus Appeal, whether you donate through the website or by cheque. Thank you.

Winners Basic School Appeal

TEABAG has been offering some practical assistance to other groups who are doing similar work to us in Ghana. We would like to provide assistance to Winners Basic School in Tema. This area is the main port of Ghana and feels quite industrialised. The school is situated near a shantytown where the living conditions are really quite grim. As there is no state school in the area, an amazing man called Ike Joseph Asumah decided that he would build and open a school to help the poor children of the area. The school is mostly built of scrap wood ad their only teaching equipment is a blackboard. TEABAG will pass on some of our children's books to the optimistically named WINNERS SCHOOL and would like to provide further support in the future.


Another useful thing you can give is your time Now that TEABAG is registered as a charity, there are possibilities for us to be able to access financial help from other trusts and fund raising groups. In order to do this, we need the time and expertise from these ground making bodies. At the moment, everything that TEABAG has achieved comes from the good will of the people who started the charity. If you feel that your skills and expertise can help us to achieve our goals, contacts us we need your help!


Please get in touch if you have contacts with companies that provide any of the following:- Plumbing goods - Blue Pipe for fresh water feed, toilets, wash hand basins, soil pipe joiners. Easyfit. Elecrical goods - Light switches, socket outlets, back boxes, wiring, capping, junction boxes, consumer units and breakers.

Other Items

Whenever we have the financial means to do so TEABAG pays for a shipping container to be sent to Ghana. In the past, we have sent children and adults clothing, toys, bicycles, mobile phones, books, computers, DVDs, CDs, videos, TVs and sweets. If you would like to be informed when our next shipping container goes, please keep an eye on our website for further information.